Salani Surf Resort Samoa

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Salani Surf Resort is located in the village of Salani where the heartwarming hospitality of the local village is felt in every direction you turn, from our staff, to our dance group, to a delightful stroll through the village. Because of the this Polynesian hospitality we are able to enjoy this slice of absolute paradise, basking in the glow of the ocean just in-front of salani village.

Over the years the village of Salani and the island of Samoa has given us and our guests so much joy, that we feel it is our responsibility to help give back to our local community and environment. We have decided that focusing on 2 key elements (Education and Environment) is a good start to help build a better foundation for the growth and betterment of our community and the future of Samoa. With your help we will strive to help bring about a better Scholastic Education opportunity to salani village youth as well as build knowledge and implement protection of our local environment & eco systems.

As we enter the years ahead we will continue to nurture the ongoing Salani Surf Scholarship program and will begin to see the growth and extension of the Salani Surf Resort Charitable Trust. We hope that as a guest or friend of Salani Surf Resort, you will jump on board and help us reach these goals for our local community. Please click on the links above to explore and become informed on how you can help and become a part of Salani.