Salani Surf Resort Samoa

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Bring

Reef booties, long sleeved rash shirt, sunscreen/zinc, thick leg ropes, insect repellant, sunglasses, a good first aid kit, spare fins and a ding repair kit for your board, Gath helmet optional.

What Size Boards Should I Bring?

At least two or three boards between 6'2" – 7’6" should cover all conditions. Bring the board you ride best at your home break when it is good. It makes no sense to bring a board you think is made for this type of surf if you don’t typically ride that type of board. Nose guards are also a good idea.

When’s The Best Time To Come?

JANUARY through to MAY is when we score the cleanest conditions at salani. FEBRUARY to MARCH seems to be the year in year out favourite amongst our core return guests. However the other months produce larger swells that often light up boulders left, and bear in mind Salani right and left can be good anytime of the year, it's only wind that is our issue. If the wind goes north you will be getting spitting barrels, no doubt about it no matter what month it is. Also even in our trade wind season you can often score glass early morning and late afternoon.

One thing to consider is that Salani is the most consistent south swell spot in Samoa and very rarely ever goes flat. You dont need a massive swell to score good waves here.


A year round average of about 30C (85F) during the day, and 25C (75F) at night. Water temperature is around 28C (82F).


Not many at all on site. Our fales have screen-covered windows and doors, so as long as you keep your screen door shut after 5pm you’ll have little problem.

Immunizations and other health precautions?

Samoa is currently free from malaria and is relatively safe overall. For updated information we recommend checking


Hardly any. Small occasional reef sharks, but there’s plenty of sea life to keep them away.


Samoa’s currency is in Tala. At present U.S $1=$2.60 Tala, NZ $1=$1.75 Tala, AUD $1 = $2.00 Tala.

Travel Requirements?

Apart from the obvious – such as your passport (contact your local embassy for visa requirements) and return airline ticket, we recommend that you purchase travel insurance- Just in case.

Whats not Included?

You will need money for - bartabs, airport tax, souvenirs, telephone calls, internet and trips to the Island or other non scheduled scenic tours. Note: fullsurfer package entitles guests to 2 unpaid scenic trips only.